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Yosemite River Rafting

Test the Waters and Go River Rafting in Yosemite

Ready to test the waters of Yosemite while enjoying some spectacular views? Awesome, Yosemite offers two primary locations – Merced River (more aggressive) and Yosemite Valley (little less crazy). Whether you are an experienced rafter or just getting started, Yosemite has plenty of rapids to test your skills and get your adrenaline pumping! So grab your friends, put on your lifejacket, and come experience the excitement of river rafting in one of America’s most iconic national parks.

Local Yosemite River Rafting Companies

Zephyr WhiteWater Expeditions:

zephyr whitewater rafting

This family owned business is one of Yosemite’s largest vendors for water rafting, offering an awesome adventure starting early in the morning and ending late in the afternoon on the Merced River. Zip across sixteen miles of rapid-filled rapids, feel the adrenaline rush through your body, and make sure to pause for lunch provided by Zephyr. If you’re looking for a unique and exciting excursion, Zephyr WhiteWater Expeditions should be towards the top of your list!

Phone: (209) 532-6249

Address (don’t meet here for rafting): 22517 Parrotts Ferry Road Columbia, CA 95310

OARS River Rafting:

oars yosemite rafting

OARS offers the thrill of rafting along the Merced River through pine forests and California poppy fields, with exciting Class III-IV rapids and rollercoaster wave trains that will leave your heart pounding! And after all of the fun of whitewater, refuel with a delicious picnic lunch on a sandy riverside beach provided by OARS. Take on Cranberry, Ned’s Gulch, Split Rock, Corner Pocket Rapids, and more to experience white-knuckling rapids. OARS is a large company with nationwide locations, expert team of professionals, and outstanding booking experience.

Phone: (800) 346-6277

Sierra Mac River Rafting:

sierra mac river trips waterrafting

Sierra has been serving Yosemite for over 50 years! The tour Sierra Mac delivers is an action packed, all-day, 16 mile journey down the Merced River. All professionally guided by an experience staff that cares about your safety and your overall experience.

Phone: (209) 591-8027

Are You Planning an Adventure to Yosemite Right Now?

We hope so, you will have an amazing time! If you’re reading this article and planning your trip to Yosemite now, please take a look at our cabin rentals. We have tons of options available, packed with excellent amenities and some of them near the rafting starting point.