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Yosemite Airplane Tours

Touring Yosemite by Airplane: An Unforgettable Look at Nature’s Beauty

On an airplane tour of Yosemite National Park, you can experience the majestic beauty of this incredible region from a whole new perspective. From the sky, you’ll have the opportunity to witness some of Yosemite’s most iconic landmarks, including El Capitan, Half Dome, Bridalveil Falls, and Glacier Point.

Benefits of taking a plane tour of Yosemite over other methods of sightseeing

Taking a plane tour of Yosemite National Park is one of the most unique and thrilling ways to take in the remarkable beauty of this world-famous destination. From the air, you can get an unparalleled view of the sheer grandeur and scale of the park without ever having to leave the comfort of your seat. On a plane tour, you can also get closer to the action than on a ground tour, with opportunities to witness more of Yosemite’s stunning landmarks in a shorter amount of time.

Local Yosemite Flight Tour Operators

Airborrn Aviation Services: Might be one of our favorite airplane tours of Yosemite :). Enjoy a bird’s eye view from the comfort of an impeccably maintained Cessna R172K-XP – perfect for groups large or small. Taking off from the Mariposa-Yosemite Airport, you can experience amazing sights in person like Yosmite Valley’s Half Dome and El Capitan, as well as rivers and lakes that can’t be enjoyed to their fullest potential from the ground. If you’re visiting, Airborn Aviation is your ticket to a great aerial adventure.

Website: Yosemiteaviation.com

Phone: (209) 966-2143

Email: airborrnaviation@gmail.com

Yosemite Flight Tours: Experience the greatness of Yosemite from the unique and beautiful vantage point of the sky. When you join Yosemite Flight Tours for a 1.5-hour tour, you’ll not only get to see a gorgeous landscape from above, but learn about its natural history too. Your experienced pilot narrates the tour, helping to bring alive its wonders as they show you El Capitan, Glacier Point, Half Dome and more on your journey. With breathtaking views that can’t be seen from land – stunning canyons, beautiful waterfalls like Vernal and Nevada Falls.

Phone: (209) 532-2345

Yosemite Flights: Yosemite Flights offers breathtaking, jaw-dropping tours that make you feel as if you could reach out and touch the cliffs of Yosemite’s renowned landmarks. Seeing El Capitan, Half Dome, and Yosemite Valley from the sky is an experience you won’t soon forget. From a single engine Cessna 182 or twin engine Cessna 404 you can set off from Pine Mountain Lake Airport to fly over Tuolumne Canyon, Cherry Lake into the Emigrant wilderness. This aerial tour allows guests to take in all of Yosemite National Park’s splendor at once for a truly remarkable opportunity.

Email: fly@yosemiteflights.com

Right to Take Flight in Yosemite?

If you’re planning the next vacation to Yosemite and looking to take flight, we invite you to browse our wonderful selection of Yosemite cabins. We have outstanding amenities near some of the best attractions in Yosemite.